Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Orchestral Nan Yin

Previously I have blogged about fusion of liyuan opera and western orchestra. Well, now nan yin had done the same thing.

Recently, Xiamen Jin Lian Sheng Gaojia Opera Troupe's Wu Jingjing and Li Li had teamed up with Xiamen's philharmonic orchestra and choir to put up an orchestral version of nan yin drama "Chen San and Wuniang". Well, strictly speaking it is not really nan yin drama, but gaojia opera being staged as a musical concert. So you see the orchestra playing in the background and the main characters playing in the foreground, each having almost equal amount of limelight on stage. Unfortunately I couldn't get hold of the video footage of the actual show, but here's a news clip of this event:

And here're the pictures of the actors in action. The costumes are nice!


Miko said...

wow~ really nice costumes!!!

amai said...

The colours r vivid n nice!!!