Thursday, January 26, 2006

Newsflash - Zhangzhou City Opera Troupe To Perform In Singapore From Today

Zhangzhou City Xiang Opera Troupe will be performing from today till 11 February at Lor Koo Chye Seng Hong Temple (韭菜芭城隍庙) at Arumugam Road, off Paya Lebar Road and behind Geylang Police Station. This is the 3rd time the troupe is coming to Singapore after a lapse of 18 years.

Zhangzhou City Xiang Opera Troupe is a well-established troupe which has produced award winning shows like "The Queen Of Opera" (戏魂), "Legend Of Xi Shi" (西施与伍员) and "The Teacher, The Thief" (三家福). Former actress and currently one of the key figures in the troupe, Zheng Xiuqin, was one of the two first grade actress in this opera genre. Other crew members include artistic director Wu Ziming, who is well-known in the Xiang and Teochew opera scenes local and in China, and composers Chen Bin and Yang Senlin.

The shows the troupe will be staging include "Legend of Li Sanniang" (李三娘), "Muzi Bridge" (母子桥) and "Inside the Forbidden City" (狸猫换太子) as well as some short excerpts like "The Broken Bridge" (断桥) and "Wu Song and Pan Jinlian" (武松杀嫂). Tickets are priced at $5 and $10, and is available at the temple's administration office. For enquiries, please call them at 67443187.