Monday, December 29, 2008

Lor. Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple's 2009 Spring Temple Fair Performance

Keeping by their annual tradition, Lor. Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple is organising a series of opera performances as part of their Spring Temple Fair this year for all Hokkien opera lovers out their. Over the period from 23 January to 8 February next year, Fei Feng Yi Stage Opera from Taipei will be presenting a total of 17 different shows each night.

To know more about this opera troupe, please visit their blog at Yahoo! Taiwan.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Chinese Opera 3-in-1: The Jade Flying Phoenix

I found this on recently, about a theatrical performance in China which has got actors from Yueju, Xiju and Kunqu performing together. It wasn't a very new show already, as this video I found was uploaded early last year. This show, titled "The Jade Flying Phoenix", tells the story of Fan Li and Xi Shi after the fall of the kingdom of Wu. In this show, there're 3 pairs of Fan Li and Xi Shi; Zhao Zhigang and Zhao Haiying formed the Yueju pair, Zhou Dongliang and Li Shuxian the Xiju pair and Zhang Jun and Lei Ling the Kunqu pair. I'm curious as to how the producers integrate the elegance of Kunqu, the gentleness of Yueju and the meliodious nature of Xiju into one cohesive theatrical piece, but since no video recording of it is available either on the net or in VCD/ DVD format , I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed for now!