Sunday, December 06, 2009

Riding On The White Horse... Again...

Not long ago I've posted about this singer Xiao Hongren who incorporated "Riding On The White Horse" (身骑白马) in a pop song.

Quite some time back, Amai had posted about Guo Chunmei who had done a Electronica version of "Riding On The White Horse" as well.

A few months back, a female singer by the name of Xu Jiaying had done a similar act as well (though she'd already sang it in a singing competition last year), which coincidentally was produced by the same person who did the Guo Chunmei version. Take a look at the MV here:

It's rather surprising how a simple 4-liner song in the tune of "Qi Zi Diao" can become so immensely popular among the Gezi opera scene, so much so that it is almost a representation of the whole genre itself. If Gezi opera is a nation, then this song will definitely be it's national anthem!

The Fashionable Miss Tao

No, I don't know any lady whose surname is Tao. This title is but the main gist of a song from modern Yueju "Early Spring in February" featuring Xu Biaoxin, Zhang Weizhong and Zhang Yongmei. I quite like this song, titled "I Like You, Fashionable Miss Tao" because I think it is really cute and funny, especially the way Xu Biaoxin used English in his song (though it's only one word - "Miss", which was repeated over and over again as he sang about his infatuation with Miss Tao). Enjoy!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Familiar Faces

This is a Xiangju opera clip by an unknown troupe (actually I didn't bother to find out what is the troupe that performed in this show), but I was pleasantly surprised to see a few familiar faces. Of course, these actors had matured a lot in terms of acting and singing, hence this production could jolly well be their graduation showcase in opera school. How many faces can you recognise?